Rulles Houblon Sauvage
Crop 2017

Rulles Houblon Sauvage...

The context


In early 2016 our first Rulles Houblon Sauvage was created. A beer even more gaumaise than the other Rulles, mixing local hop harvested in autumn 2015.


The quantity of hop harvested in 2015 allowed us to perfum a batch of 30 hectoliters by the technique of dry-hopping.


This one and only batch left us hungry, as well as many others beer enthusiasts and gave us the envy to repeat the experience.


The tradition is now officially established: every year we will gather wild hop in Gaume.


For the 2017 harvest we enlarged our scope to different villages of our beloved region.


That allowed us to gather an enormous quantity of hop cones harvested during a mild weather in automn 2017.


The flowers were dried at low temperature at Brin de Campagne in Ansart and were infused in the maturation tanks during 15 days to bring a subtle aromatic note.


Ephemeral beer available in limited quantities.



Data sheet


IBU : 35
EBC : 8,8
Alcohol : 4,9 %
Hop harvested : in September 2017
Origin : Gaume


Tasting notes : Clear color with pretty green reflections. Fresh nose mixing vegetal hints (pepper mint) and malted. Mouth surprising rond (Acacia honey) for a light beer, in the end ultra refreshing.



... crop 2017

Rulles Houblon Sauvage - cueillette du houblon
Rulles Houblon Sauvage - cueillette du houblon
Rulles Houblon Sauvage - cueillette du houblon
Report from TVLux :

Rulles Houblon Sauvage
harvested in 2017 in Gaume

Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is the dry-hopping technique often used for the other Rulles ?


NO. Even if the hopped notes are parts of the signature of the brewery, the Rulles Houblon Sauvage is the only beer of the range to benefit from a dry-hopping in « final touch ».


2. What is the aromatic palette of the hop of Gaume ?


It is UNIQUE. Moreover it is impossible to identify, isolate the varieties of hop that are in the Rulles Houblon Sauvage. The 2017 harvest has brought notes quite vegetal. The aromatic palette of this beer evolves nicely with time.


3. This beer will be regularly in the range ?


La Rulles Houblon Sauvage is a seasonal beer. Its production depends on the weather, allowing or not a suffisant crop of the hops of Gaume.


4. Why releasing a "beer of thirst" during Winter ?


FOR ANY REASON NOR MARKETING MOVE. This beer was brewed "with instinct » on a sudden impulse and by some happy coincidence. In Rulles, we don't plan. If the result wasn't up to our desires we would not have commercialized this beer.


Cheers !

Rulles Houblon Sauvage - cueillette du houblon Rulles Houblon Sauvage - cueillette du houblon

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