Return on our Rulles Pils
Brasserie artisanale de Rulles

A beer introduced during our open house days in 2015

The tradition at Rulles : getting fun brewing a new beer for our open house days. And shared it with good friends !


For the 15th anniversary of the brewery, Greg had a specific idea of what he wanted to try...


The beer was ready, we had it drunk and the beer was analysed at the brewery of Orval who makes us each time the pleasure to great us.


Besides, as a joke, we played with our Facebook fans with a survey: what would be the style of our next beer?


We received lots of quite amusing suggestions. Styles million miles away from what we love... Those are the 3 first proposals of the internet users:


1. Rulles Imperial Double IPA
2. Rulles Saison with aromatic woodruff punch
3. Rulles Barrel Aged Imperial Porter Triple Dry-Hopped With Habanero Chillies - our favourite ;-)


Discover our Rulles Pils


And yes, you read it right, a Pils. It was a new challenge at Rulles : show that a craft pils can be as generous as a special neer ! We are tired of the aqueous and tasteless pils …


The Rulles Pils is tasteful and hides behind its pale color a good malted structure, raised in the end by a hay note.


Speaking of the fermentation process, The Rulles Pils is, according to us, the first pils issued from a low fermentation in open tank, non filtered and mostly fermentated again in keg.


A complex process which takes time (8 weeks when the other beers can already leave the fermentation room few days after) to develop a simple aromatic palette but generous one and a lot of freshness.


Cheers !

Rulles Pils en fût
Rulles Pils test à Orval
Rulles Pils belle mousse
Rulles Pils présentation officielle lors des Portes Ouvertes de la brasserie - 6 et 7 juin 2015

Rulles Pils : a craft Pils
as generous as a special one !